The grammar of Taishanese/Toisanes (台山话) is structurally very similar to Standard Cantonese. The grammar notes follow the general outline of the Cantonese grammar book Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar by Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip. with appropriate adaptations to Taishanese.

The examples prioritize native Taishanese expressions, followed by expressions similar in both Taishanese and Cantonese. In the latter case, many examples from Mathews and Yip are translated into Taishanese. Interested readers can acquire a copy of Mathews and Yip and directly compare the expressions of the two closely related dialects through these examples.

The IPA system, with certain modification, is adopted to transcribe Taishanese. In addition, Jyutping (粤拼)  is used for Cantonese transcription, and Pinyin (拼音) Mandarin. More details here.