Oral Material   Volume  Lesson 16  


A:    黄先生,好耐冇见你啰!

Mr. Wong, haven't seen you for quite a while!


B:    系啰,李先生。哦大家冇见好耐咯!

Yes, Mr. Li.  We haven't seen each other for quite a while!


A:    你到乃出世呀?

Where were you born?


B:    我到美国出世

I was born in the States.


A:    你到乃当兵

Where do you join the army?


B:    我到美国陆军当兵

I join the army in the United States.


A:    你个夫人以前到乃读书呀

Where did your wife go to school?


B:    我个女人以前到中国学校读书

My wife went to Chinese school before.


A:    你个父亲该时到乃处做事呀

Where does your father work now?


B:    我个父亲该到一间公司做事

My father works in a company now.


A:    你个大佬几时喺日本结婚呀

When will/did your older brother get married in Japan?


B:    我个大佬今年喺日本结缗

My older brother will/did get married in Japan this year.


A:    你个细佬几时喺美国陆军语言学校教书

When did your younger brother teach in the U.S. Army Language School?


B:    我个细佬旧年喺美国陆军语言学校教书

My younger brother taught in the U.S. Army Language School last year.


A:    逽喺美国陆军语言学校做乜田野

What do you do in the U.S. Army Language School?


B:    哦喺美国陆军语言学校学台山话

We learn Taishanese in the U.S. Army Language School.


A:    逽到班房做乜呢

What do you do in the classroom?


B:    哦到班房上堂

We attend classes in the classroom.


A:    黄夫人,你响乃处来㗎

Mrs. Wong, where are you from?


B:    啊!我正话响美国来个。

Oh! I just came from the U.S.

Reading Material


Mr. Wong was born in the United States. Mrs. Wong was born in China. They married in Japan. Mr. Wong is attending class in the classroom now. He is studying Taishanese. Just now, Mrs. Wong went out  to buy stuff, mail letters, and to make a phone call to her mother.  She bought two English books for Mr. Wong.


Mr. Wong's father used to work for a big company. Mr. Wong's older brother taught in a Japanese school the year before. He taught English.  Mr. Wong's younger brother attended a Japanese school last year. He studied Japanese. This year, he joined the military service in the U.S.  Mr. Wong's mother stays home. She is not working.

1.   [lɔ33]   final particle

2. 出世  [tsut55 sai21]   to be born

3. 当兵  [?ɔŋ33 bein33]   to be in military service

4. 读书  [ǝk32 si33]   to study, learn, read

5. 做事  [du33 ɬu21]   to work

6. 结婚  [gɛt55 fun33]   to marry

7. 教书  [gɔu33 si33]   to teach

8. 上堂  [siaŋ33 hɔŋ22]   to go to class; class in session

9. 以前  [yi21 tein22]   formerly, previously, before

10. 今年  [gim33 nein22(5)]   this year

11. 旧年  [giu32 nein225]   last year

12. 日本  [ŋip32 bɔn55]   Japan

13. 大佬   [?ai32 lɔu55]   elder brother

14. 细佬   [ɬai33 lɔu55]    younger brother

15. 公司  [gǝŋ33 ɬu335]   company, store

16.   [ga33]  final particle

17. 啰/咯  [lɔ55/33]   final particle

18. 大家  [?ai32 ga215]   all, we all, you all

19.   [giu55]   long time

20. 响  [hiaŋ55]   at, from