Taishanese Preserves Middle Chinese Retroflex and Velar Nasal Consonants 台山话疑母日母
The Great Taishanese Affricate-Fricative Consonant Initial Chain Shift 台山话塞擦音声母大链变
Mapping of Cantonese and Taishanese Initials 广府粤语与台山话声母对照表
Taishanese Vowel Shift [i]→[ei] 台山话主元音演变
Taishanese Tones 台山话声调
From Manhattan to T-glottalization 台山话龈塞音的喉化
Cantonese Tones 粤语声调
The Four Tones of Mandarin 普通话/国语的四声
Taishanese Tone Change: Semantic Shift of Nouns 台山话变音: 名词的语义转换
Assimilation of Syllable in Taishanese 台山话的音变现象
The Tonal Smoking Gun: Taishanese Tones and Syllable Contraction 台山话音调与音节收缩
Tone Change: Prepositions of Location in Taishanese
Taishanese Tone-change Noun-Verb Pairs 台山话动/名词对
Taishanese Tone-change: Adjective-Noun pairs 台山话形容/名词对