Taishanese Vivid Adjectival Expressions
The Taishanese World
William Poy Lee on Toisanese
Tone Change: Prepositions of Location in Taishanese 台山话变音与方位介词
What's on your neck 颈?
Literary and Colloquial Sub-strata in Taishanese 台山话文白二读
Taishanese Personal Pronouns 台山话人称代词
Taishanese Demonstratives 台山话指示词 and the Hunt for their Origins
Taishanese: Reduplication + Tone Change = Degree of Adjectivity
The Calamity of the Imperial Concubine Hu 胡妃之祸
The Sea Battle of Yamen 崖门海战
Taishanese Perfective Aspect 台山话完成式
Taishanese Progressive and Continuous Aspects 台山话进行式
Taishanese Sentence-final Particle Dance
Songs of Gold Mountain 金山歌集
New Year Food Riddles 过年糍古仔(谜语)
Happy New Year 新年快乐
Taishanese Tone-change Noun-Verb Pairs 台山话动/名词对
Taishanese Noun Classifiers II: Noun Classifiers 台山话单位词
Two Taishanese Children's Songs 台山儿歌/童谣
Assimilation of Syllable in Taishanese 台山话的音变现象
Taishan Old Town 台城老城区
House Passes Resolution of Regret for the Chinese Exclusion Act
Taishanese-Only: 旅[lui21]
Disappearing Cantonese/Thriving Taishanese: 𢬿 and More ...
The Tonal Smoking Gun: Taishanese Tones and Syllable Contraction 台山话音调与(合音)音节收缩
Taishanese Tone-change: Adjective-Noun pairs 台山 形容/名词对
Taishanese Tone Change: Semantic Shift of Nouns 台山话变音: 名词的语义转换
Chinese Dialects and Taishanese 汉语方言与台山话
The Imperial Decree: 旨
The Four Tones of Mandarin 普通话/国语的四声
Cantonese Tones 粤语声调
From Manhattan to T-glottalization 台山话龈塞音的喉化
Taishanese/Toisanese Online Word Dictionary 网上台山话词典
More on the Continuous Aspect of Taishanese 台山话持续体
Taishanese Tones 台山话声调
Taishanese Vowel Shift [i]→[ei] 台山话主元音演变
Taishanese Comparison of Adjectives 台山话形容词的比较用法
Taishanese themed interview talk show conducting in the dialect 得闲倾偈
Mapping of Cantonese and Taishanese Initials 广府粤语与台山话声母对照表
The Great Taishanese Affricate-Fricative Consonant Initial Chain Shift 台山话塞擦音声母大链变
An Old Dictionary of Taishanese Homonyms 古本台山话同音字汇
Taishanese Preserves Middle Chinese Retroflex and Velar Nasal Consonants 台山话疑母日母
The Old Taishan Railroad Station 台城旧火车站
Dictionaries of Taishanese 台山/开平方言字典
Find Your Home Village: Roots of Village DB 台山县各村氏姓索引